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Cargo containers, cargo truck, plane taking off, man with tie on laptop. contenedores de carga, camión de carga, avión despegando, hombre con corbata en laptop. Cargo containers like pieces of colored tetris, fci characteristics. contenedores de carga como piezas de tetris de colores, caracteristicas de fci. Warehouse building in colon free zone, loading port, machinery, crane and containers. construcción de almacén en zona libre colon, puerto de carga, maquinaria, grúa y contenedores. Ship with containers, cargo cranes, cellular being used to view the digital data of your cargo. barco con contenedores, grúas de carga, celular siendo usado para ver los datos digitales de tu carga. Man with a happy box over his head pointing to the fci box logo, merchandise warehouses. hombre con una caja feliz sobre la cabeza señalando el logo de fci box, almacenes de mercancía.
titulo en letras blancas invitando a dejarnos su logistica a nosotros qxponiendo que usted tiene sus propios problemas que atender | Title in white letters inviting to leave your logistics to us qxponiendo that you have your own problems to attend

1. Ship from factories to us

imagen del mundo con una flecha al rededor | Image of the world with an arrow around

2. Import, receive, store, prepare & ship

almacen de carga, con cajas, contenedores, monta carga, camnion de carga | Cargo warehouse, with boxes, containers, freight elevator, cargo truck

3. Your distributors order on demand

cajas sobre una cinta transportadora con el logo de fci | Boxes on a conveyor belt with the logo of fci

1. Where logistics is simplified

barco de carga con contenedores frente a puerto con gruas de carga | Cargo ship with containers in front of port with cargo cranes

2. Import and Export tax free.

carretilla con cajas y montacarga manual | Forklift with boxes and hand forklift

3. Invoice from a local company

paperwork handtruck and boxes | tabla de trabajo Y cajas

1. State of the art Warehouse management, Transportation & Customer Service systems

maquina de escaneo para llevar un buen control de la carga | Scanning machine to carry good load control

2. Your data is backed up with geographic redundancy

mundo digital | digital world

3. Notifications, tracking, personalized portals and interfaces.

notificaciones enviadas por email del rastreo de su carga con los pasos de status | Notifications sent by email of tracking your cargo with status steps

1. Consolidated cargo agents all over the world

empleado de almacen con cajas y carretilla | Warehouse employee with boxes and wheelbarrow

2. Logistics taylored to your needs

ipad con una vista de indicadores donde se monitorea el proceso y la logistica | IPad with a view of indicators where the process and logistics are monitored

3. Local Customs Processing.

autoridad de aduana con fondo de contenedores | Customs authority with container bottom

Todo lo que pueda acomodar en 2 pies cubicos

descripcion de la caja con las medidas estandar para envíos | Description of the box with the standard measures for shipments

boton de facebook | button facebook         boton de twitter | twitter button

titulo de descripcion de seccion comparte tu historia fci logistics | Section title description share your story fci logistics
escoja un 3pl en el que pueda confiar porque su producto lo vale todo para usted y para nosotros | Choose a 3pl that you can trust because your product is worth everything to you and to us
10,000 m² of warehouse space.
Our main warehouse features two stories, the first of which is packed with 3-level racks with a capacity of over 1,500 pallet positions. The second story has a many-hundred pallet position capacity and is used for special handling. The warehouse includes 16 indoor loading / unloading ramps as well as two elevators. Every unit / package that comes in and out of the warehouse is scanned and inventoried by FootPrint® - a state of the art WMS.
Take a virtual tour through our warehouse
almacen con cajas y un montacarga listo para trabajar en su pedido | Warehouse with boxes and a forklift ready to work on your order
equipo de trabajo altamente capacitado | Highly skilled work team
A team of more than 200 experienced logistics specialists.
The FCI Logistics team is made up of the best talent Panama has to offer - from customer service executives and warehouse managers to specialised truck and tractor drivers and lightning-fast document handlers.

Learn more about our workforce
Track your cargo 24/7
Besides from our general tracking apps, we develop personalised tracking interfaces for our clients, which display and notify status at every step of the logistics chain. Register with our portal and receive GPS-enabled position notifications when your cargo is near its destination.

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camiones de carga con sus productos rastreados en tiempo real | Trucks with their products tracked in real time
envío de notificaciones de su paquete | notifications from your pakage
Transportation fleet, Warehouse Management (WMS), Customer Service Systems. Automatic notifications.
We have systems for just about everything - we try to make our business more automatic every day because we deeply believe in the benefits of technology. From transportation fleet management to customer service management. Our state of the art WMS allows us to handle a large number of distribution accounts flawlessly - everything that passes through our warehouse is registered, scanned, and counted by our WMS.
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