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Abraham Eisenman
Abraham is the Founder of FCI Logistics. He oversees customs clearance operations as well as customer relations. Abraham has over 30 years of experience in the logistics industry and helped shape the manner in which the Colon Free Zone operates.

Previous to founding FCI Logistics, Abraham worked in retail and wholesale.
Bruce Eisenman
Bruce was Co-Founder of FCI Logistics and was CEO and director of FCI Logistics from 1993-2016.

Bruce's formal training was in Electrical Engineering, with Bachelor's (1979) and Masters' (1980) degrees from Georgia Tech. Before joining FCI Logistics, he worked as a Systems Development Manager at Schlumberger, the leading company in oilfield services and exploration.
Dovi Eisenman
Dovi is responsible for Administration and Operations at FCI Logistics. He supervises all the management teams which are involved in operations and administration. They plan, organise and work on all processes which guarantee a smooth, efficient and reliable logistics operation.

Being a director of FCI Logistics, he has the ability to make operational decisions which greatly enhance the efficiency of operations; which distinguishes us from other companies in the sector.

Dovi has a Master of Science in Multimodal Transportation & Logistics Management and a certificate in Logistics in International Freight Transportation. Both under the Trainmar de las Americas convene and the Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencias y Tecnologias. He also holds a degree in Business Management and is a certified instructor for Masters degree programs in the Trainmar network, teaching at a national and international level.
Adam Eisenman
Chief Commercial & Information Officer
Adam and his group develop information technology for FCI Logistics - which involves building interfaces between FCI information systems and client / partner systems, developing applications which display and notify about cargo status, and adjusting an internal IT infrastructure which competes with the best out there. In addition, Adam oversees the Commercial operation of FCI, including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Satisfaction.

Adam's formal training is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, with a Bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech and a Master of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before joining FCI Logistics and it's board, he worked as a Satellite Communications Technical Consultant at RKF Engineering in Washington DC and as a research assistant in MIT's Retinal Implant Group.

Luigi Weil

Gerente de Ventas

Alejandra Sobenis

Gerente de Desarrollo Organizacional

Milda González

Gerente Administrativo

Uriel Navarro

Jefe de Contabilidad

Isarel Sagel

Gerente de Operaciones

Octavio Miranda

Jefe de TecnologĂ­a