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Panama as a Port of entry, transit, cross-docking, and exit
Through FCI Logistics you can import and export cargo on any continent using Panama as a port of entry, transit, cross-docking and exit.

Some benefits worth mentioning:
  1. Geographic Position - the Colon Free Zone and the Panama Canal benefit us with the presence of the main shipping lines in the world
  2. Route variety and competitive fees
  3. Air and land cargo transportation are inundated with connections, competitive fees, and facilities that benefit and add value to the supply chain
  4. Import and Export processes are simple given that Panamanian legislation looks out for facilitating international commerce and benefitting the Logistics Sector
  5. Cargo connections between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean routes through land or intermodal transport in less than an hour
We move your cargo from and to any part of the world
As agents and representatives of Expeditors International, with over 250 offices in the world and being one of the 5 main logistics operators in the industry, we have the ability to transport your cargo from and to any part of the world.

Being IATA Certified as air cargo agents we have access to the most competitive fees with the major airlines, we provide complete door-to-door service including Multimodal Transport, this way guaranteeing trust, speed and the best costs possible for the transport of your cargo.

We offer Container, Box Car, and Truck services for the whole region using Panama as a point of origin or destiny for your cargo.

As far as national transportation, we count with a large self-owned fleet of Trucks, Tractors, Box Cars, and Trailors which guarantee a trusted and efficient service.
  • Full Containers (FCL)
  • Consolidated Containers (LCL)
  • Full Box Cars (FTL)
  • Consolidated Box Cars (LTL)
  • Air
First-class warehouse, processes and WMS
Our main warehouse is located at our Headquarters, has 100,000 ft2 of area, and is located in the Colon Free Zone.

  1. Modern racks, specialized equipment for rapid and efficient cargo handling, security cameras covering all areas
  2. 16 indoor loading / unloading ramps with capacity for 45' containers
  3. Warehouse Management System (WMS) - cargo reports and notifications in real time
  4. Serial number, lot number and expiration date control and reporting
  5. Taylor-made interfaces between your ERP and our WMS
  6. Web Interface - physical inventory requests, order preparation and shipments
  7. Multi-warehouse management - Colon, Panama, Tocumen, and others
  8. Personalized KPI reports
Leading custom broker agents in the Colon Free Zone
FCI Logistics started operations 30 years ago as customs broker agents in the Colon Free Zone, ports, and airports.

We count with:
  1. Systems that automatically classify cargo according to their tax code
  2. Automatic customs forms generation, beating out any other service provider in speed and accuracy
  3. Import, export, cargo in transit, high valued merchandise, cargo for fairs and musical events
  4. Personell assigned for regulation management with Quarantene, Fire Department, ANAM and AUPSA
  5. Advanced payment of all your duties
You don't need to order full containers
Through our sea consolidated container service you can avoid having to order full containers and also avoid the high costs of air transport. We have consolidated cargo service in the main American markets, Caribbean and Europe.

We have competitive rates, high frequencies and a trusted consolidated cargo service from the following origins to Panama:
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Brasil
  • Argentina

We count with highly competitive Land and Sea Export rates and frequent service for consolidated cargo from Panama to the following destinations:
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
Feel assured about your cargo transportation
At FCI Logistics we give your cargo the highest importance. However, if something out of our control occurs to your cargo, we give you the opportunity to ensure any transportation leg a priori - through us. We offer the most attractive rates in the market, adjusting to cargo value, type and volume.
We can be your representatives in the Colon Free Zone
If you are an international corporation which would like to open operations in the Colon Free Zone - for example, distribution - at FCI Logistics we offer the option of creating your own entity in the Free Zone or operating through our operational license. With the experience of representing dozens of companies, we can assure you that we make the representation process as smooth as possible.
Global services and logistics consulting
You might be in a situation where your cargo is in a place X and you would like to have it shipped to another place Y, but it might be complicated due to legal or other matters.
We are here to save you, operating as global logistics service providers, we can offer the most competitive routes and rates in the market, as well as optimal transit times - this way facilitating your cargo transportation no matter where you need it to go.
We also serve as cargo logistics consultants, offering our extensive experience to solve any type of problem you might have.
Courier Maritime Service
FCI Box is a courier maritime (soon air) service that brings your packages ordered on Amazon, Ebay, or any other provider all the way to Panama, for pickup in our CFZ warehouse or your doorstep in Panama City.
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